Caroline Hermans

Caroline Hermans is UX designer by day and improvisational theatre performer by (occasional) night. She has performed in over five groups for over nine years. Together with Magali Minet, she founded the tasty improv duo Mac & Cheese back in 2017.
Some key elements that Caroline likes to bring to the stage are emotion and (close) connection. There’s nothing more enjoyable than feeling your way through the scene and the story.
Caroline plays in Dutch and English, and perhaps with great persuasion in Spanish.



A sensational rollercoaster that rumbles through life

“Tyler” is a gripping and thought-provoking longform that revolves around the theme of life-changing events and their impact on the course of our lives. We all remember that first kiss, the first time at the dentist or a first ‘saying goodbye’ to a loved one. This longform centers around the life (...)