Charlotte De Metsenaere

At the age of 14, Charlotte was thrown into the impro field and it changed her life. 8 years later, she took over that impro school, turned her passion into her job, and started working as a freelance teacher, actress and director. Another 2 years later, she founded Zeggedis (Flemish for : ’Tell me !’) to teach applied impro.

In Belgium she is most known for teaching and directing, in her own school and outside. Also, she brings her Masters degree in Communications into the art, by offering workshops about feedback. Performing still thrills her. Belgians bump into her performing with Prism, Swaajp and Inspinazie.

Internationally you can find her in Prism, Ohana or the Werewolves international cast. She taught workshops in Slovenia (IGLU), Barcelona (Big If 5, 2018), Jo ! (Torun, 2019), Bengaluru Improv Festival (2019), Israel (Momentum, 2020) and directed her ‘True Story’ format in Spain, Poland, Greece (Mt Olymprov 2019) and Israel.
Travelling abroad is a passion of hers. It means she gets to work with lots of people in different fields. She enjoys influences from the Meisner acting method, Nicki Flacks, Keith Johnstone, Loose Moose Theater…

Also… she likes chocolate. She needs stuff to be in the right place (her friends call her Monica), and she loves people who see the beauty in everyday life.

Spectacle(s) en lien avec l'artiste


When Russian Theatre Meets Improvisation.

Matryoshka is inspired by the works of Russia’s most famous playwright, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Watch as the peculiar world of his characters that undulate between passion, boredom, agony and self-contemplation blends in seamlessly with the unexpected nature of the improvisational theatre. (...)

The right choice

Pathos. Logos. Ethos. What will guide you ?

Pathos. Logos. Ethos. A moral dilemma is chosen by the audience. The different sides of a choice shall be spotlighted. We strive towards a show with room for authenticity, humour, fantasy and a ruthless truth. We all view reality through a prism and make choices based on the colour we see. Are (...)