Falafel Waffle

Falafel Waffle is a Brussels-based improv quintet. With roots from Belgium, Greece, Italy and Lebanon, this troupe provides a multicultural mix of playfulness, silliness and wit.



We are only what we mean to others

The inscriptions on a tombstone are only a summary of one’s life. The fraction of that person visible to all. Their true nature, on the other hand, is so often well hidden under the surface. ⅞ dives deeper into the complexity of people and their stories. In this improvised long-form, Falafel (...)

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In between the lines

The beginning is known, the end is written. In between, infinite possibilities.

The “In between the lines” is a narrative long-form that starts and ends with specific lines given by the audience. There is no predefined genre or colour to the stories. The audience and the performers discover it together. In this story-driven format the story unfolds in front of the audience’s (...)

How did we get there ?

Randomness unpacked, 88% guaranteed

A priest, a rabbi and an imam walk into a bar. Pretty random, right ? Or have they met before ? Were they friends in high school ? Is the rabbi vegan ? How many times has the imam watched Twilight ? Did the priest lose all his savings in the last cryptocurrency crash ? Most things in life just (...)