Francois Amani

François is a belgian with some Congolese blood mixed in there. He started with acting with meisner methods but got bored of learning lines. So he started improv ! First in French at the ULB until he joined the one and only (is the word “one” redundant ?) Ghost Sheep where he’s been ever since. He also writes (three books, fables, columns, etc.), plays music (only about nine instruments) and has his own crazy philosophy podcast. A boring dude basically, move along. Go read about someone more interesting.

Spectacle(s) en lien avec l'artiste

Three Gifts

Three gifts from the audience guide our improv way.

In Three Gifts, power is handed over to the audience in the form of Silence, Secret and Shift. When Silence is called out, the actors on stage must go completely silent, with Secret, one of the characters on stage steps forward and tells a personal secret that the other characters don’t know, (...)