Jedidjah Julia Noomen

Jedidjah acted as the narrator for the very first Werewolves-show ever and has been narrating ever since, even though you can sometimes spot her as an extremely innocent villager in Miller’s Hollow as well. Back in her own city of Amsterdam, she’s a writer and (musical) theatre-professional, and, most importantly, not a werewolf. Jedidjah has been doing improv since 2004, currently with the One Trick Ponies. Also, she’s a vegetarian, which werewolves definitely are not, so…

Spectacle(s) en lien avec l'artiste

Werewolves The Improv Show

Can you stop the werewolves before it’s too late ?

A small village from long forgotten times gets struck by werewolves. One by one the villagers die and it’s up to the audience to stop the wolves before it’s too late... Buckle up for the most imaginative, entertaining and interactive improv show you have seen in a long time. If you (...)