Johan Hoekstra

Johan has played with many great groups in the Netherlands and it was only a matter of time before he would sink his teeth in the international Werewolves ensemble. He likes to bring about howls of joy in the audience with his fiendishly funny and semi-relatable characters. He’s tall and innocent looking, which lets him claw his way into a favorable position among the townsfolk and audience alike. But don’t be fooled by his decorum ; he would send someone else to burn at the stake without thinking twice.

When he’s not on stage with his wolfish friends, he tours Dutch theatres with the Silent Comedy Experience and regularly performs with a multitude of other groups. He also teaches improv in the Netherlands and abroad.

Spectacle(s) en lien avec l'artiste

Werewolves The Improv Show

Can you stop the werewolves before it’s too late ?

A small village from long forgotten times gets struck by werewolves. One by one the villagers die and it’s up to the audience to stop the wolves before it’s too late... Buckle up for the most imaginative, entertaining and interactive improv show you have seen in a long time. If you (...)