Klaas Van Den Broeck

Klaas is active in the improv scene since 2011. He started playing as a student with the collective Preparee. There he became captain (president) of the board in 2015. In 2017 he also became active with the Lunatics (Shortform comedy) and Commotie (longform musicals). Since then, the amount of performances is not countable anymore. Small gig, big gig, nothing too small or too large for Klaas. If you are thinking of a good improv player, you are most likely to think of someone that is reliable. Well, that is not the description of Klaas by a mile. He is the typical ‘loose cannon’, which makes any performance something new and refreshing. Klaas does not go for easy, he goes for medium. Klaas does not want to please the audience, he only wants to please himself. He likes to get the attention of the audience, and then do completely nothing with it. Unfortunately, he does not like to write short descriptive texts about himself. That is why this description will only be at most very vague and misleading. Nonetheless, his usage with clocks and ducks on stage is kind of remarkable. You do not want to miss this !

Spectacle(s) en lien avec l'artiste

Sung Sayings

A hint of musicality and absurdism

We are now bringing the success of the "Sung sayings" improv show to the Improviste audience. In "Sung Sayings we ask our audience for a saying or a proverb. It inspires a grand musical opening song. After this big opening we create a series of small stories once again inspired by the chosen (...)

Gezongen Gezegdes

Een vleugje muzikaliteit en absurdisme

We brengen het succes van onze voorstelling "Gezongen gezegdes" ook naar het publiek van L’Improviste. In "Gezongen gezegdes" vragen we aan ons publiek een gezegde of spreekwoord. Het is de inspiratie voor een grandioos muzikaal openingslied. Na dit grote openingslied is het de rode draad door (...)