Marith Venderbosch

At the age of 14 Marith discovered improvisation for the first time – and she’s never looked back. After developing a strong foundation in theatresports and street theatre, she moved on to train in acting, directing and teaching and is now a theatre teacher based in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Marith is also part of the artistic team of Rocky Amaretto, a Dutch group with a unique raw edge, and is a member of the all-female group The Ferocious Four. Improv theatre is her first love, but she enjoys bad jokes, smiling a lot, and listening to far too many horror podcasts.

Spectacle(s) en lien avec l'artiste

Werewolves The Improv Show

Can you stop the werewolves before it’s too late ?

A small village from long forgotten times gets struck by werewolves. One by one the villagers die and it’s up to the audience to stop the wolves before it’s too late... Buckle up for the most imaginative, entertaining and interactive improv show you have seen in a long time. If you (...)