Pierpaolo Buzza

Pierpaolo has been studying improvisation, writing, and comedy for the last 15 years, beginning in Italy. He has directed and performed all over Europe and travelled to teach and play theatre all around the world (including USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia).

He is currently president and artistic director for ImproBrussels. He also writes and directs scripted theatre. He keeps a portrait in his attic that gets old in his place.

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Love etc...

A love story like you’ve never seen and will never see again.

Five actors will create before your eyes a unique improvised romantic comedy. Help us set the scene for the perfect romance and let yourself be transported by the mysteries of love ! Prepare for some oohhhss, aahhhss, laughs and maybe even some tears. Love etc..., a love story like you’ve never (...)


When Russian Theatre Meets Improvisation.

Matryoshka is inspired by the works of Russia’s most famous playwright, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Watch as the peculiar world of his characters that undulate between passion, boredom, agony and self-contemplation blends in seamlessly with the unexpected nature of the improvisational theatre. (...)

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Love or Death Hotel

The guests are arriving and the clock is ticking...

The guests are arriving and the clock is ticking... As the clock strikes the hour, so does love-or death. But it is the audience who sets in motion the guests’ fate.

No Exit

The play you won’t escape from.

Inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s homonymous play, ‘No Exit’ takes place in a single location, in real time, with all improvisers on stage at all times. In this show, there are no edits and nowhere to escape. Expect comedy, tragedy, tensions and revelations as the characters on stage explore the (...)