Rozana Radu

Rozana is a mother, an actress and an improviser. She started improvisation in 2007 in Bucharest creating Improvisneyland, the longest-serving impro group in Romania, alongside 6 other improvisers. In addition to being part of the ImproBubble teaching staff & core cast, Rozana is a member of Rouge, an all-female troupe who performs socially-engaged improvisation. Aside from improv, traveling with her baby girl and husband are among her most enriching and therapeutic moments.


Love etc...

A love story like you’ve never seen and will never see again.

Five actors will create before your eyes a unique improvised romantic comedy. Help us set the scene for the perfect romance and let yourself be transported by the mysteries of love ! Prepare for some oohhhss, aahhhss, laughs and maybe even some tears. "Love etc...", a love story like you’ve (...)

Scenes from a Marriage

An Anatomy of Love

Inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s original version and the 2021 HBO remake, this improvised longform narrative intends to dissect the very essence of relationships, from every angle. Our version of Scenes from a Marriage aims to be bold, powerful, uncomfortable, candid and surprising. And in the (...)

Huntress and Healer

Everything can be an adventure if you feel like a heroine

"Women ! A mystical creature that no man has ever been able to understand ! An extraordinary being, so complicated but yet so delicate”... Or just another human being trying to find its place in this world. In this improvised show, women of different backgrounds will recreate everyday life (...)

Archives spectacles

Guest Show

International Improvisers in the spotlight

Every last Sunday of the month, ImproBubble invites a world-renowned improviser to Brussels to share their wisdom with its cast and students alike. And their trip couldn’t be complete without inviting them onstage for a unique show with our cast ! For an up to date line-up of guest performers (...)

ImproBubble & Friends

Sharing is caring, so come celebrate the festive season with us !

Stuck in town alone during the holidays ? Worry not, OUR friends are YOUR friends ! Our cast is inviting talented friends from all over Belgium to share the stage for a series of one-of-a-kind shows. After all, sharing is caring, so come celebrate the festive season with us (...)

Kick Ass Improv

The ultimate improv comedy experience

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the ultimate improv experience ! Every first Sunday of the month, our cast will perform exhilerating, quick-fire improv games that will literally make your jaw drop. Who says improv comedy isn’t a superpower (...)

Love or Death Hotel

The guests are arriving and the clock is ticking...

The guests are arriving and the clock is ticking... As the clock strikes the hour, so does love-or death. But it is the audience who sets in motion the guests’ fate.