Rozana Radu

Rozana is a mother, an actress and an improviser. She stared improvisation in 2007 in Bucharest creating Improvisneyland, the longest-serving impro group in Romania, alongside 6 other improvisers. They were the first Romanian improvisers to ever perform at the Second City and Impro Amsterdam.
In addition to being part of the ImproBubble teaching staff & core cast, Rozana is a member of Rouge, an all-female troupe who performs socially-engaged improvisation.
Aside from improv, traveling with her baby girl and husband are among her most enriching and therapeutic moments.

Archives spectacles

No Exit

The play you won’t escape from.

Inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s homonymous play, ‘No Exit’ takes place in a single location, in real time, with all improvisers on stage at all times. In this show, there are no edits and nowhere to escape. Expect comedy, tragedy, tensions and revelations as the characters on stage explore the (...)


Impro à propos, intime, drôle et féministe

Cinq femmes improvisent ce soir-là. Le ROUGE est une couleur qui a du caractère et qui recèle des émotions différentes et contradictoires. Le rouge peut représenter à la fois l’amour et la haine, la vie et l’interdit, l’énergie et le feu. La couleur rouge est une couleur chaude contrairement au bleu, qui (...)