Sven Lanser

Sven Lanser is an impro teacher and player from Leiden, The Netherlands. He started in 2004 and currently plays with Rocky Amaretto and Werewolves. He teaches and performs around Europe and is the Artistic Director of IMPRO Amsterdam, the biggest improv festival in Europe. He believes impro can be so much more than just comedy, so he doesn’t shy away from dramatic and emotional scenes. He loves to dive into his long form character and see where playing from the heart leads him.

Sven has been teaching impro for over ten years now. Beginners as well as very advanced players. He loves to get participants out of their heads. Pay close attention to your partner and react. Don’t overthink, just do and see what happens. Doing is the best way of thinking ! When he is not on a stage or classroom he is transforming teams and organizations by injecting improv into their DNA.

He loves to say ’cheers’ in foreign languages.

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