Vincent Van Nieuwenhuyze

Vincent has been playing improv for over eight years and is active in around five groups, amongst others Compagnie AMAI, The Lunatics, RIOT (Royal Improphonic Orchestra & Theatre) and PRISM.

He has been teaching his own group (Compagnie AMAI) frequently for over four years now and started giving specified workshops for over three years.

As of last year, he dove head first into the world of gender and intimacy so he could create his own workshops that revolve around Gender, Sexuality and Equality on stage. His Bachelors’ degree as a social worker (with a supplementary year in ‘Relation Therapy’) assists him in this. The word ’flamboyant’ was created to describe Vincent, same holds for lovable and charming. His own go-to term is #fancyasfuck though. He plays a mean forest troll, be it that a fairy-in-the-woods sometimes applies equally well. He stands on stage like puss in boots, with a booming voice.

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The right choice

Pathos. Logos. Ethos. What will guide you ?

Pathos. Logos. Ethos. A moral dilemma is chosen by the audience. The different sides of a choice shall be spotlighted. We strive towards a show with room for authenticity, humour, fantasy and a ruthless truth. We all view reality through a prism and make choices based on the colour we see. Are (...)

Werewolves The Improv Show

Can you stop the werewolves before it’s too late ?

A small village from long forgotten times gets struck by werewolves. One by one the villagers die and it’s up to the audience to stop the wolves before it’s too late... Buckle up for the most imaginative, entertaining and interactive improv show you have seen in a long time. If you (...)

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Nature’s Notes

Musical Stories from the Animal Kingdom

Musicals aren’t just for humans. There’s exciting stories and beautiful songs in the animal kingdom, and we’re not just talking about The Lion King ! There’s squirrel romances, penguin empires, and parrot detectives. There’s duck choirs, owl soloists, and rhinoceros dancers. Take a break from human (...)