Huntress and Healer

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Huntress and Healer

Everything can be an adventure if you feel like a heroine

"Women ! A mystical creature that no man has ever been able to understand ! An extraordinary being, so complicated but yet so delicate”... Or just another human being trying to find its place in this world. In this improvised show, women of different backgrounds will recreate everyday life adventures, fantastic creatures, absurd situations, all in one show. Because good and evil can co-exist and heroes, bravery, quests and mystery can be found in the least obvious places.

Les avis des spectateurs

ils sont venus, ils ont vus, ils se sont exprimus

Timothée, Rodolfo, Anaïs

Amazing job and hope to see you on stage more often !

Impro is amazing, doing it in a language that is not your mother tongue is even more impressive. Amazing job and hope to see you on stage more often !

Dave XL


an unforgettable hurricane of craziness. Superb ! I’ll be back !

Patrick P

A great cast doing a great show

I really enjoy the show. Each scene was unique but you could always see some subtle part of womanhood inspire the cast. I laughed a lot during the show, there were some powerful punchlines. It was a real pleasure to see these comedians on stage having so much fun with each other.

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