Huntress and Healer

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Huntress and Healer

Everything can be an adventure if you feel like a heroine

A huntress hunts and kills, a healer heals wounds. Two opposite qualities can co-exist. This all female cast show explores the seemingly contradictory things in life and more specifically qualities that are considered non compatible with female nature. A variety of worlds, characters, emotions and genres in a high energy show filled with music. Because we can be whoever and whatever we want to be !

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ils sont venus, ils ont vus, ils se sont exprimus

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JF !

Just fun !


I have literally never laughed so much in my entire life.

I was laughing so much at some point that I started crying and reached my limit and could not do it anymore. Like, in the same way when you have cried everything out and there is nothing left, this type of saturation. I did not know it is even possible.



Amazing, we love it. The actresses were so talented and fun. Well done !

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