ImproBubble was founded by Kelly Agathos in 2017 to bring the art of improvisation in all its forms, in English, to the Eurobubble.

ImproBubble is made up of a school of improvisation, corporate facilitation trainings and regular shows, both by students and professional improvisers.

For each of their Improviste shows, a core member of ImproBubble artistically directs a format they are passionate about with a cast made up of some of the most talented improvisers on the Belgian improv scene.

Spectacle(s) en lien avec l'artiste


L’Eurovision mais improvisé !

Comment ne pas aimer l’Eurovision ? Les chansons ringardes, les costumes improbables et la mise en scène grandiloquente ne sont que quelques-unes des raisons pour lesquelles ce spectacle a une telle longévité. Mais à quoi ressemblerait l’Eurovision si les chansons étaient... improvisées ? (...)

House of Europe

Power. Intrigue. Bureaucracy.

The Eurobubble is a small village in a small city in a small country that rules an entire continent- or at least tries to. Some EuroBubblers want to make a difference, some want to make money, and some just want to make it to retirement. But in this game, whether the stakes are high or low, (...)


When Russian Theatre Meets Improvisation.

Matryoshka is inspired by the works of Russia’s most famous playwright, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Watch as the peculiar world of his characters that undulate between passion, boredom, agony and self-contemplation blends in seamlessly with the unexpected nature of the improvisational theatre. (...)


Anything ever after…

From a romantic wedding to a successful business merger, the ending of a fairytale should always be happily ever after. Or should it ? The improvisers on stage will do everything in their power to bring you a beautiful, positive and happy fairytale. The audience however has the power to bring (...)

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Guest Show

International Improvisers in the spotlight

Every last Sunday of the month, ImproBubble invites a world-renowned improviser to Brussels to share their wisdom with its cast and students alike. And their trip couldn’t be complete without inviting them onstage for a unique show with our cast ! For an up to date line-up of guest performers (...)

ImproBubble & Friends

Sharing is caring, so come celebrate the festive season with us !

Stuck in town alone during the holidays ? Worry not, OUR friends are YOUR friends ! Our cast is inviting talented friends from all over Belgium to share the stage for a series of one-of-a-kind shows. After all, sharing is caring, so come celebrate the festive season with us (...)

Kick Ass Improv

The ultimate improv comedy experience

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the ultimate improv experience ! Every first Sunday of the month, our cast will perform exhilerating, quick-fire improv games that will literally make your jaw drop. Who says improv comedy isn’t a superpower (...)

Like Improv For Chocolate

A show inspired by magical realism...

Have you ever seen an improv show where time stops, emotions rule the weather or animals speak ? Inspired by the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende and Laura Esquivel, ImproBubble invites you into a world steeped in magical realism. Our cast will create dreamlike universes where (...)