ImproBubble was founded by Kelly Agathos in 2017 to bring the art of improvisation in all its forms, in English, to the Eurobubble, the expat community around the EU.
It includes a school of improvisation, masterclasses with guest improvisers from all over the world, corporate facilitation trainings and regular shows, both by students and professional improvisers.
Kelly Agathos, Ben Hartwig, Rozana Radu and Pierpaolo Buzza first performed together in mid-2018, and the result was magical. As it turns out, they shared an aspiration to grow together artistically and produce quality shows for the Brussels scene. Thus the professional cast of ImproBubble was born. They are all excited to bring some of their most loved formats plus some brand-new ones, to the Improviste.

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No Exit

The play you won’t escape from.

Inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s homonymous play, ‘No Exit’ takes place in a single location, in real time, with all improvisers on stage at all times. In this show, there are no edits and nowhere to escape. Expect comedy, tragedy, tensions and revelations as the characters on stage explore the (...)