ImproBubble was founded by Kelly Agathos in 2017 to bring the art of improvisation in all its forms, in English, to the Eurobubble.

ImproBubble is made up of a school of improvisation, corporate facilitation trainings and regular shows, both by students and professional improvisers.

For each of their Improviste shows, a core member of ImproBubble artistically directs a format they are passionate about with a cast made up of some of the most talented improvisers on the Belgian improv scene.

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Love or Death Hotel

The guests are arriving and the clock is ticking...

The guests are arriving and the clock is ticking... As the clock strikes the hour, so does love-or death. But it is the audience who sets in motion the guests’ fate.

No Exit

The play you won’t escape from.

Inspired by Jean-Paul Sartre’s homonymous play, ‘No Exit’ takes place in a single location, in real time, with all improvisers on stage at all times. In this show, there are no edits and nowhere to escape. Expect comedy, tragedy, tensions and revelations as the characters on stage explore the (...)