Kumul Total

In 2016 Jeron Dewulf, Founder and artistic Director of "The Improphets" left his group and decided it was time for something new. He met some great improvisers when he was coach of the Belgian Improv league and formed a new group "Kumul Total".

"In different improv groups I saw piano players. Myself , i used to work with a rock guitar player. I knew that if we wanted to go on different paths it could start with the music. When i met with saxophone player Marcelo Moncada it directly felt as a perfect match, says Jeron. So with the actors and musician we started rehearsing and playing try outs. The form started to reveal itself. We started our official full season the year of Covid-19. So now we are even more eager and ready to amaze the world with our jazzy, whitty stories."

Spectacle(s) en lien avec l'artiste

Of minds and men

One town, one world, one story, different lifes

An eclectic look into the reality of a town and its inhabitants. From their minds and interior monologues, slowly but surely the characters come into focus and take form as you are transported into their world, following their trials and tribulations up close, witnessing them as they find their (...)