Of minds and men

One town, one world, one story, different lifes

An eclectic look into the reality of a town and its inhabitants. From their minds and interior monologues, slowly but surely the characters come into focus and take form as you are transported into their world, following their trials and tribulations up close, witnessing them as they find their way through life.

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Not to be missed !

Witty, original and at the same time a moving and complex, without ever not being entertaining and tying all the story together !
The actors seamlessly went from character to character and scene to scene without missing a beat : a great exa,ple of longform improv at its best.



Hele leuke ervaring. Eerste keer dat we naar een improvisatietheater gingen en wisten niet goed wat te verwachten. Heel tof om mee te maken. Van begin tot einde goed geboeid en ook veel gelachen.

So good, Intimate Entertainment

Really rally good. Way better than expected. Inviting and had us laughing the whole time

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