Laetitia Vandueren

Laetitia discovered improv through the Improv Academy of the Belgian Improv League (BIL). After a three year course, she auditioned there and has been with the league for the last six years, training performing and teaching.

By building experience, taking workshops and seeing lots of shows she also developed and interest in different types of improv. This resulted in her joining the Kevins three years ago, who mainly perform shortform and freeform and Kumul Total, a longform troupe driven by looking at characters in depth and building stories.

Spectacle(s) en lien avec l'artiste

Of minds and men

One town, one world, one story, different lifes

An eclectic look into the reality of a town and its inhabitants. From their minds and interior monologues, slowly but surely the characters come into focus and take form as you are transported into their world, following their trials and tribulations up close, witnessing them as they find their (...)